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    Are you interested in working on the set of a Cork-based feature film? We are looking for a crew to help make a new, exciting and alternative horror movie. If you feel that you could make a contribution to our movie, (even if it’s just making tea) call/text Doreen at 087-1312200. Absolutely any help needed for this!


    can you give more info?
    who’s the director? any other attached crew? HOD’s?
    where’s it been shot? When? How long a shoot?
    What’s it been shot on?
    what crew roles are you looking for?


    The director will be Conor Healy. He’s very experienced in filming and starring in short films, and is very excited about the project. So far the only other crew we have is a music composer, who I am currently in discussions with about the type of music that would suit the film. I’m still out abd about looking for different places to shoot it, there are predominantly three sets, one of which is a large forest. There has yet to be a definite time to begin shooting, which may take a while, as it is mainly child actors. I would be looking for pretty much anything that would help out as far as crew goes: lighting, sound engineering, camera work, photography, boom operating, etc.


    Hi Doreen, good to see you so ambitious, just a question? any news on the script, is it the original one or have you done a rewrite of any kind? I would strongly recommend that you organise a read through of the script from start to finish with a few actors. If the script is not ready then the film could suffer.

    It would need at 4 or 5 good rewrites to be good enough for a feature film, im afraid, thats not a reflection on you of course, i’m speaking in general terms about all scripts, every scriptwiter will have to rewrite his/her film that many times before it starts to shape up and the characters start to come to life. A film cannot be shot on premise alone.

    Best of luck with it and if i can help out in any way let me know, my forte is editing, but it depends on which format your gonna shoot it on?


    Well, I’m currently in the process of rewriting the script as the new director feels that there are too many children and that it would need to be shorter. So I’m currently into my fourth or fifth draft.


    excellent :grin:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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