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    I’m just back from Fastnet Film Festival. What a great weekend! Tony Barry (former head of drama at RTE) gave a great talk about script and direction, peppered with tips on what to watch out for. He’s a gentleman. Mark Doherty presented his film: "A Film with Me In It". I was really impressed with the film and surprised that it isn’t a lot better known. Mark gave a witty and informative talk about the film, and about his experience as both writer and actor. Greg Dyke had a very informal and entertaining interview with Steve Coogan. Greg asked all the right questions, and Steve was honest and open and of course witty, as you would expect. He hung around afterwards to chat with people and take questions from the floor.
    All of this, along with the (seriously high) quality of the short films I was lucky enough to catch and the socialising made for a fab weekend <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” /> .
    Anyone else go? What was your highlights?
    All credit to the organisers and the sponsors for putting on such a great event.


    Sounds great Sean,
    i’m gutted I couldn’t go this year. next year definately. Hopefully it will keep growing from strength to strength.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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