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    shooting for the grandmaster cash documentary "steamin’ and dreamin’" is almost finished. we will need extras for a gig scene shot in cork, if anyone here is interested.

    shooting will most likely be on a weekday, so you’ll have to be able to shoot during office hours. the scene will be shot near the city centre and will take place over two or three hours.

    ideally, extras will need to come dressed in hip hop style clothing, ie baggy pants and flashy tops for the feens, as little as possible for the byeors.

    due to the fact that the film is self funded, we can not pay extras.

    even though the gig scene will be shot during the day, extras need to be over 18. you will be id-ed on the door.

    if you’re available and interested you can either pm me here, or email grandmastercash@live.co.uk. it’ll probably be a few days before we get everything arranged and i’ll get back to you as soon as it is.

    places will be given on a first come first served basis, as numbers are limited.


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