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    So I started in St. Johns this week (I hate getting up at 6am) and those of you who have done the course will know that it involves work experience and for certain modules, interviewing people of interest in the studio.

    So I figured that since Egomotion is a film makers site based in Cork, this would be a good place to start working on this. I hope nobody minds. Any guidance or help would be appreciated.

    So, first things first…work experience. We’ve been told that if it involves just getting tea and coffee etc that we should walk away so sorry, you can’t have me as a slave <img loading=” title=”Razz” />

    I wanted to ask if anyone here was going to be shooting around Cork in November/December or even doing pre or post production on anything at that time. I need to do three weeks work experience and while the college will help me get a placement, I thought it would be worth a shot just asking here to see if anyone had anything going on.

    Unfortunately, the work experience has to be with a "reputable" (their words not mine) company so I’m not allowed to just go and help out on a film with people just shooting something for themselves. It sucks because that’s probably the best way to learn but those are the rules.

    The second thing, in the coming months I will need to shoot an in-studio interview and an ENG (External News Gathering). I was thinking of doing both on the trials and triumphs of young film makers in Cork. I have no timetable for this at the moment since I haven’t been allocated any equipment or studio time yet so I can’t give a date at the moment.

    Again, since this is the best place to go to contact film makers in the Cork area, I thought I’d try here first. I was initially hoping to shoot something at the film festival but it will probably be over by the time I get my ENG time.

    But I thought I would ask if any one would be interested in either coming into the studio for an interview about the film making process (right now I have no specific requirements on the area of film making) or maybe if you’re shooting something at the time I’ll be doing it, maybe letting me on to the set for a few hours to document the film making process or something. (I’d be happy to send you on a dvd of the finished product of course and I’ll probably put it online as well so you would get some exposure out of it).

    I know it may be a lot to ask but if anyone can help with either the work experience or the interview/ENG stuff (even if it’s just pointing me in the right direction) please send me a PM or leave a reply here. I’d very much appreciate it. Thanks.

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