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    On March 17th – 19th

    A graduation film will be shot in West Cork, by final year students of the National Film School.

    It is set 30 years after the Whiddy Island tanker explosion in 1979 in which 50 people where Killed. The film follows 2 security guards George (50 -100yrs) and Richie (27-40yrs) who through a clerical error have been guarding this remote baron landscape long after the oil company have pulled out. Two men stuck together, with two very different views on the world around them. George yearns for the world before this where he was a respected security guard. Now no one seems to quite know what he does, though he tries to make something of his work, searching for his worth in this job. And Richie, the younger man with out a care in the world. He can’t understand why George takes everything so seriously, why can’t he enjoy not having someone looking over his back all the time. He still gets a paycheck every month.

    This is an exciting story and adventure that will require enthusiasm, passion for the story, for the characters, and for film.

    So to all actors around the country, if one of these characters hits a nerve with you. Or if the project awakens something in you. do Email keartan@gmail.com.


    I reckon Frank is the man for this .

    Check him out here http://www.egomotion.net/screeningroom/index.html
    In the Short film Woods , and in the fisherman song

    Grey hair , beard
    Can’t miss him , great to work with !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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