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    Hello egomotion,

    I play in the band tenpastseven and we have a little project coming up where we need some camera persons.

    We are playing the Everyman Palace on Sun march 7th as part of the csn 20 year anniversary.

    We want to record professionally our live set.

    Our good friend Director "Matty Organ" (creator/director the "Limerick uncovered" videos on you tube) has an idea to make a very special recoding and needs the aid of 3 camera people with good quality cameras. From what he tells me the live recording he wants to do is simple yet complex. He really is a very creative man.

    We also are doing this project with the waterford arts council where we need to submit a video to them which eventually will be part of a dvd promoting ourselves and other bands in Ireland. Its quite a complicated project to explain but thats the jist of it. So we are hoping this video of us in the everyman will be the video we submit.

    So if there is any camera people( or even egomotion itself) that might be interested contact me through this site or my mobile is 0879554823.


    P.S One thing i must say though is that since this is an anniversary gig there is not much cash involved for us. It might be an opportunity to get some exposure though.


    Ill volunteer,
    you can contact me by email, dan@egomotion.net

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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