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    [u:1yg3882b][b:1yg3882b]Editor wanted.[/b:1yg3882b][/u:1yg3882b]

    I’m looking for a video editor for a fairly big documentary project. Shooting has completed and I have 100-120 GB of High Def Video to Edit but have no funds to pay editor. The project to date has been a collaboration of very talented artists and technicians who gave their time and talents generously and the footage is amazing. Now it needs a talented editor to put it all together. Director will sit in as much as required; basic paper edit is available; files are named, and information relevant to edit is logged.

    It would also be a fantastic bonus to have a full time editor on the team.

    This will be sent to every major film festival in the world. Anyone up to the challenge ?

    Drop me a mail at rsvpireland@gmail.com

    This is a film by Rebelz Picturz, a new Cork company of film enthusiasts. It is being made in association with film-makers club Moving Image Cork.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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