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    Hey lads,
    i just posted a topic over on filmmakersnetwork.ie and said to myself, i better post it here too, since Cork is my homeplace.:

    This is a subject i feel strongly for.
    Are the TV ads that RTE screen suitable. In the last few years they have gotten a bit more graphic…. but its still not getting the point across. Look at the figure for the Road Fatalities for 2006.

    Even after the watershed…, its still not effective enough…
    We’re all capable in the film production area.
    Why dont we do something to try and contribut in the reduction for this year.

    I propose we set ourselves a project. Produce a range of adverts promoting Driving awareness. Say max duration of a minute. (or even longer edits for short films).

    Then when we’re all finished and happy about the selection, submit it to R.T.E/TV3/ TG4 and see if they can use them. Even submit them to Diageo

    Look, in the world we’re living in, peoples tolerance for gratuitous gore has increased. These ads may be effective back in the 70’s, but not modern days.
    Gore isnt the right way to go.. it helps… but hell man, we’re in the driving seat to help reduce these road accidents by using our creativeness.

    Anyone Interested?


    i think thats a great idea.. i remember having ideas for this years ago, using a nina simone track called ‘African postman’, just gotta remember exactly how it went. its even a good excercise in refining ideas to pack a punch.


    hey man, I replied to this thread a couple of days ago…. post not here….. must not have pressed submit or something. Ive been on the filmmakersnetwork.ie site trying to promote the idea also.

    Sean… you interested if you have time…. your idea was good
    Plus is there anyone else here interested?


    I’d be really interested in helping out if i can. Its a fantastic idea to put such an important message out there.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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