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    29 second ad, 27,000 EU prize money, screened for 2 weeks on TV
    submission upload deadline – march 18
    see website for details


    the submission date is 18th may and it is open to uk and roi residents over 16. there are no set topics or guidelines besides the obvious fact it has to advertise doritos.

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    Nice spot! There will be lots of entries for this with 27k to be won. :shock:


    guess we’ve just got to come up with something extra extra cool then.


    had an idea for this one right we open up in a front room where there as a picture of a party hanging a turn of last century affair. it looks boring people sat about drinking wine etc. the owner of the house is preparing a party in modern day he places a bowl and a bag of doritos close to the picture. a membe rof the party notices this and puts his hand out through the picture and grabs a dorito he tastes it his eyes light up and he gets help to drag the bowl in the party in the picture becomes more lively and happy.

    the tag line is ……. havent thought of one yet not an advertiser any body else like it or critiscisms or stuff i havent noticed.


    how about "so good makes any party come alive". i could probably blag a few packets from a supplier if anybody is interested in doing an ad just let me know


    Slight twist on this for you Oisin,

    How’s about splitscreen / intercut , same room two party’s one modern one old days, Both parties are a slightly dull affair with little conversation until the Host bring out the Doritos , ( in Both times ) and both parties kick off ,

    Host turns to camera and he’s a "dorian grey" type ( perhaps his portrait is on the wall behind) and Says , It’s always the best way to start the party

    If it makes sense , he’s straddling both times ( Not sure what’s the best way to edit between the two times , but what you want is some sense like "sliding doors" or , that lame sandra bullock keanu reeves one ( that I didn’t see but I’m sure they used some device )

    You could also make him a Vampire , but I like the Dorian Grey better.

    Whatcha think ?


    yeah like it would have to work out a way to make it seem he is straddling time unless we do the modern party as a fancy dress party that way the dorian gray type guy would’nt have to change does this make sense. we could just dress the sets differently modern stuff in one half of the room and old fashioned antiques in the other.


    I dunno – I liked the idea of the bowl being dragged into the picture and because the people in the picture are so small compared to the bowl it takes a team effort – then as a funny gag at the end you could cut to the party in the picture and the bowl is huge and so are the doritos –

    then your catchline could be "Doritos – larger than life" or "The small snack with the BIG taste"



    anybody have any ideas how we could achieve this effect i like where pados is going with this especially like the tagline


    combination of properly lit green/white screen and floating masks in post i’d say..kinda tricky

    after effects might be a better way.
    or you could go the old school route and build a theatre-style ‘flat’ and cut a square into the middle through which the talent is visible, you could put in a picture frame in in post of do it for real by cheating the perspective..

    or you could shoot the talent – layer 1
    shoot the wall & picture frame, greenscreen the picture surface – layer 2
    do a composite of both layers and fiddle about with arms and bowl overlapping the picture frame using chroma or luma keys

    hmm interesting..we know of a location where theres a piano and a harp and old fashioned statues and busts etc.


    mmmm interesting
    how soon could this be put together taking into account
    actors 7-9

    i’d like to have a go off it if others are interested


    I’m on – I think it’s a sweet idea – actors shouldn’t be a problem – there are plenty on this site

    costumes would be a case of fancy dress – you could always make it a roman scene and have everyone wearing togas (white sheets)

    i think you could cheat a lot of the perspective stuff with certain camera angles and simple post – I think inky’s ideas might work – especially the cheated perspective one – any set builders out there that would build us a fake wall?


    ok we got just over a month to make it. i’ll write the script as much as is needed get it storyboarded and scheduledthen we can start for real. anybody else interested in helping out. it would be a one day shoot less than i’d say>


    I reckon the best way to do this would be to put a large framed green rectangle on a wall – but just above a dresser in a living room. There’s a party going on in the room and there is a bowl of Doritos on the dresser – the camera never leaves the dresser – there are flashing coloured lights and music and people keep passing by taking doritos from the bowl

    meanwhile shoot the scene in the picture separately and put it in over the green

    get one person in the picture to get everybody elses attention (in the picture) and they all come right out to the foreground and start staring at the doritos – they all reach their hands out towards the doritos

    cut to the scene in the picture – actually shot from as if we are in the picture and the actors pull a large bowl from offscreen into the shot (side-profile)

    cut to the outside world and the bowl is now in the picture

    cut to the picture world and everybody in the picture is holding one large dorito between them – all taking a bite from a different side.

    whatya reckon?

    I’ll help out as much as i can if you decide to do this – but I am fairly busy – so not sure how much I’ll be able to do

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