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    Hi guys,
    I’m shooting a short film in the 1st week of August, and I’m looking for a capable DOP with a DSLR (5D or 7D).
    We are shooting a film based around the story of a teacher who survives a school shooting, and it follows her as she struggles to come to terms with her life in the aftermath. The story will follow her on her first day back at school after the event, and be intercut with flashbacks telling the story of the day.
    I plan to shoot the present-day scenes with an EX1 and mini-35 adaptor, and the flashbacks with the DSLR.
    I’m looking for someone with a good imagination who would like to collaborate on shots and help out. We have a crew of about 10 or 15 people already,and will be shooting in 1 location in the city centre area.
    The job is unpaid, but it will be festival (and showreel) worthy for anyone who gets involved. And you will be fed!
    If anyone is interested, it’d be great. I think having 2 distinctive styles both in terms of medium and style, is going to look great, and should be a great experience!
    Contact me by posting here, or emailing me at or gimme a ring at 0863182544.

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