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    I basically only have two words to describe how I feel about this production.

    Holy S**t!

    I was taken aback to say the least. When I sat down to watch a corny, TV mini series based around the Big Brother house and a couple of Zombies, it was more or less out of pure boredom, The trailer I saw the day before looked slightly promising so I said, "why not give it a shot".

    What I experienced for that first hour was truly shocking in the best possible way!
    I was to say the very least, Blown Away!

    The next few episodes did not let up and boy did things get even better…

    Writing 10/10
    Acting 10/10
    Directing 10/10
    Editing 11/10

    I won’t go into any great detail here, as to be truly honest there’s nothing to say only that this so called TV Show is as good, nay better, than any other Zombie film I have ever seen. Better than Day of the Dead, (original and recent versions), better than 28 days later, and is up there as a favourite with Shaun of the Dead (both of equal measure).

    Track it down, find it on the web (4OD?), get it on DVD, find a friend who has it recorded on Sky+ just do something and watch this Show / Film / TV Series / whatever…?

    Rating out of 5 :dropjaw1: :dropjaw1: :dropjaw1: :dropjaw1: :dropjaw1: :

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