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    [b:9a5fa]The 19th Cork French Film Festival is proud to announce its 2008 programme.[/b:9a5fa] :grin:

    Please visit our newly created website which features or full programme plus a screening room for our feature film trailers and sneak previews:

    Visit our myspace page for music and links to all the artists playing at the festival.

    [b:9a5fa]FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE[/b:9a5fa]

    FEATURE FILMS[/b:9a5fa]

    Our feature film programme is imbued with the spirit of European integration.
    We present films made in co-production with other countries and in many different languages: French of course, but also English, Spanish, Flemish, Russian and Arabic.

    The festival opens and closes with two striking debuts; Water Lilies and Caramel.
    Irish Premieres include [i:9a5fa]Ex Drummer [/i:9a5fa]and [i:9a5fa]Fat Stupid Rabbit.[/i:9a5fa]


    Slava Ross, awarded the Cannes Film Festival Residence is in Cork to present his debut feature [i:9a5fa]Fat Stupid Rabbit[/i:9a5fa] and will present a Screenwriters & Directors Masterclass for young filmmakers.


    Alongside such fresh and vibrant films we also pay homage to the great masters and showcase films by directors who were equally bold in their day, Cocteau, Resnais and Tarkovsky.

    [i:9a5fa]The Sacrifice[/i:9a5fa], a Swedish/French co-production by the great Russian director [b:9a5fa]Andrei Tarkovsky[/b:9a5fa] We present a restored 35mm print re-released to mark the anniversary of one of cinema’s finest poets.

    [b:9a5fa]Companion Documentary:[/b:9a5fa]

    In [i:9a5fa]Un Journee de Andrei Arsenevitch[/i:9a5fa], [b:9a5fa]Chris Marker[/b:9a5fa] pays homage to the Russian master [b:9a5fa]Andrei Tarkovsky.[/b:9a5fa] The documentary was shot while the director was dying of cancer during the making of his final film [i:9a5fa]The Sacrifice.[/i:9a5fa]

    [i:9a5fa]Orpheus[/i:9a5fa] – [b:9a5fa]Jean Cocteau [/b:9a5fa](1949)
    Decadent, subversive, and bristling with artistic invention, the myth-born cinema of Jean Cocteau disturbs as much as it charms. Probably Cocteau’s finest film, this is a perfect marriage between Greek legend and his own personal mythology.

    [b:9a5fa]Companion Documentary:[/b:9a5fa]

    [i:9a5fa]Cocteau & Co[/i:9a5fa]
    Cocteau was the most versatile of artists in prewar Paris. With his thirst for knowledge and his multiple talents he engaged with every art form: literature, poetry, drawing, cinema, theatre and music. His eclecticism was fed throughout his life by a profusion of artistic meetings and friends, [b:9a5fa]Stravinsky, Picasso, Coco Chanel and Jean Marais.[/b:9a5fa]

    [b:9a5fa]CULT CLASSICS[/b:9a5fa]

    [i:9a5fa]Diva[/i:9a5fa] (Jean-Jacques Beiniex, 1981), a late night screening of this stylish new wave thriller with an 80’s pop art atmosphere.

    Our Sunday matinee is Rene Laloux’s stunning animation [i:9a5fa]La Planete Sauvage[/i:9a5fa] (1973)

    [b:9a5fa]SHORT FILMS[/b:9a5fa]

    We present four feature length programmes of award winning short films.


    A rendez-vous with the best French documentary filmmakers, this collection offers a panorama of recent films, many of which have won awards and released in cinemas in France.
    Retrospective – The Documentaries of Alain Resnais[/b:9a5fa]

    A retrospective of the great new-wave Director Alain Resnais all on [b:9a5fa]restored 35mm prints[/b:9a5fa] which includes Resnais’ masterpieces [b:9a5fa]Night and Fog[/b:9a5fa] and [i:9a5fa]Guernica[/i:9a5fa] and [b:9a5fa]Even Statues Die[/b:9a5fa], a collaboration made with fellow master filmmaker [b:9a5fa]Chris Marker.[/b:9a5fa]

    [b:9a5fa]Live Audio-Visual Events: Our festival champions new forms and ways of looking at cinema:[/b:9a5fa]

    New live scores to classic films

    [b:9a5fa]3epkano[/b:9a5fa] – [i:9a5fa]The Fall of the House of Usher[/i:9a5fa] (1928) Jean Epstein’ classic horror film based on the tales of Edgar Allen Poe.

    [b:9a5fa]Somadrone:[/b:9a5fa] [b:9a5fa]La Jetee[/b:9a5fa] (1962) Chris Marker’s unique and haunting sci-fi film.

    [b:9a5fa]LIVE EXPERIMENTAL CINEMA[/b:9a5fa]
    We are proud to invite two of France’s leading independent experimental Film Labs, Burstscratch & Atelier MTK.
    Using handcrafted processing techniques, mirrors, filters, music and multiple customised 16mm projectors, they create a unique form of live cinema.

    [b:9a5fa]INSTALLATION with LIVE SOUND DESIGN[/b:9a5fa]
    In our installation created by French filmmaker and artist Silvi Simon, films are projected as loops using up to 15 super-8 & 16mm projectors creating a course of phantom screens of all shapes and sizes. A host of sound designers and sound artists, The Quiet Club, Lakker and Korridor, will perform live inside this environment creating ‘soundworlds’ that will evolve over 6 hours.

    [b:9a5fa]CLOSING PARTY[/b:9a5fa]

    [b:9a5fa]Cap Pas Cap[/b:9a5fa] will see off the festival in style at our Closing Party.
    [b:9a5fa]Metalking [/b:9a5fa]will perform live hallucinatory cinema with bass, electronics and 16mm projectors.
    DJ on this special night is [b:9a5fa]Jim Plugd[/b:9a5fa] (Plugd Records).

    Merci mes amis et a bientot!

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