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    Mutant Space Trash Culture Review[/b:2hd9gkp8]
    RSVP (Red Sandstone Varied Productions) will make a short film, from start to finish, to co-incide with the festival. You are invited to join the artists involved. Come and be part of the process of production, or, if that is not for you, come and see the finished project and hear how it all came together. This film is a unique creation for the Mutant Space Trash Culture Review, and the first in a series called ‘Connections.’

    Make a short film during a festival from concept to screening; with the ultimate goal of having it ready for viewing by the festival audience.

    We source the core crew, cast and equipment in advance of the beginning date but remain open to new participants until the day we commence. The principle idea is that we create the film ‘from scratch’ beginning on day one and work towards a finished edit for public viewing, at whatever time suits each festival programme.

    The project begins May 5th at Trash Culture Review and moves forward to several other festivals in Ireland and possibly (depending on funding) Europe over the course of the next year.

    The further layer to the project is the making of a feature length documentary of the work in association with REBELZ PICTURZ.

    Basic format:
    Day 1:
    -Meet at the venue; the building will be significant to the work.
    -Discussion and decision within the final production group on what our theme and story will involve. (Subsequently, after Trash Culture Review this will also include viewing of the previous film in order to make a connection.)
    -Workshopping of ideas in performance-crew participation expected and invited.

    Day 2:
    -Rehearsal of the final performance.
    -Rehearsal of the shots necessary; to ensure that editing is as uncomplicated as possible- as few takes as can be arranged, will be arranged.

    Day 3:
    -Videography of the work.
    -Editing begins.

    Day 4:
    -Editing is completed by 4pm.
    -8pm (or later) Public viewing.

    15 minute presentation of the process; a 5-15 minute film; and the option of a thirty minute discussion on the film and the process, inviting audience participation. Therefore a half hour to one hour slot.

    With regard the public viewing of the piece, where possible it will be presented in a film theatre. Otherwise a high definition projector and screen in the working venue.

    RSVP (Red Sandstone Varied Productions);
    The central philosophy of this company is that we are all connected. Our practise is to treat each event as a holistic experience where producers, performers and audience are of equal importance. The end result is a piece of art to be proud of, but it is not the paramount objective, the means by which we achieve this end is of equal importance. We harness the power of performance to generate teamwork, encourage innovative ideas and open awareness of self and our environment.
    We aim to provide all who work with us with a sense of accomplishment, within an enjoyable, harmonious and exciting environment. This company offers an opportunity to become part of a functional, flexible and inspiring team, and encourages mutual respect and camaraderie. Individual skills will be respected and supported to the end that all are motivated to move to ever increasing levels of success. We provide a constantly evolving environment of increasing productivity within a secure framework of proven procedures.
    Our goal is to create art.

    To get involved contact Yvonne at 0851798695

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