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    Make a short film with RSVP, during a festival, from concept to screening. Each film is a unique creation for the festival, and part of a series called ‘Connections.’

    We start with Mutant Space Trash Culture Revue 5-8th May. Join us at The Roundy: Thursday 5th @ 11am- to be involved in making the film, or Sunday 8th @9pm-to view the finished short film. Come and be part of the production team for the four days, or, if that is not for you, come and see the finished project and hear how it all came together.
    ‘Connections’, invites the general public to become involved with the art of creating a short film. We make a short film during a festival from concept to screening. We source the core crew, cast and equipment in advance of the beginning date, but remain open to new participants from the festival community, or the local community, until the day we commence. This is not about proving that we can make a film, it is about art; be brave enough to access your deepest passions, your creative potential, and communicate it to an audience through film. The principle idea is that we create the film ‘from scratch,’ beginning on day one, and work towards a finished edit for public viewing, at whatever time suits each festival programme, on day four. The first festival to be home to this project is the Mutant Space Trash Culture Review. The experiment will also be repeated over a series of festivals in Ireland over the course of the next year. So far on the ‘Connections’ agenda are Corona Fastnet Film Festival 26th-29th May and Kinsale Arts Week 14th-17th July.
    The final layer of the entire experience is that a documentary of the process is also created. This is filmed by a second crew, to become a feature length documentary at the end of the project. Therefore each festival has its own unique short film, but we, as a production company, have also connected each festival in our final feature length documentary film. We also remain open to new members of the core crew, so that these roles are made interchangeable according to availability, you can sign up for a day, or a festival, or all the festivals that is up to you. The project is reliant on the shared skills of the group of artists involved. Core crew- Camera /Editor /Actor /Producer /Public Relations /Composer /Writer /Sound /Lighting if these are your areas of skill, and you care to share, please contact RSVP.
    RSVP is a theatrical eents company; we create Film, Theatre, Events & Workshops. ‘We are all connected,’ is the motto of our company. We invite the wider community to support our constantly evolving holistic and inclusive approach to creativity; in this way we invigorate our practices and processes. We embrace the challenges of life in our work, and encourage creative thinking. Art is in our souls. The work of RSVP is adventurous, innovative and fearless. We harness the power of performance to generate teamwork, encourage innovative ideas, and to open awareness of self and our environment. In film, theatre, inter-disciplinary events, workshops, we aim for the highest standards of excellence in art. We constantly seek new people, places and sponsors to provide further inspiration of the work; contact us. WEB:
    Yvonne Coughlan, Director/Producer RSVP, 085-1798695,

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