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    The working Title is "Down The Drain" it is a The Office meets American Chopper as it shows the day to day life of Middle class Blue Collar New Construction Plumbers…

    After being an aprentice at a Non-Union Plumbing Company for 4 years now while I attended school for Criminal Justice a few ideas dawned on me…First off I have no ambition to pursue a career in my degree, my extensive movie knowledge and natural talent for the bussiness has become quite clear as I find myself carrying on entire conversations using nothing more than one liners from a vrious genres. Lastly the melting pot of 11 workers at my job has no need for harater developement as one would see spending one day observing would see this…Seeing as how I do not have the right legal paperwork set into motion I can not go into specific details however "Down the Drain" is perfet for this day and age…For example when I go out to bars and someone asks me what I do for a living…depending on the gender I either tell them I am a Water and Drain Technician…Or I lay pipe and plug leaks…obviously corny in this fram of reference but with the right team helping me create this I gaurentee great things…

    If you are interested feel free to reply or email me at

    P.S This may or may not appeal to you from the rough outline based on the fact you may or may not understand the type of work that goes on and obviously from not knowing whom the characters are but feel free to ask questions and crtique it in anyway …Thanks

    Marshall Walker


    I love the idea…seems like a good basis for a comedy series.

    I’m a bit busy at the moment with my storyland entry but if you want I’d love to add some jokes and bounce some ideas off you.

    I’ll email you there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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