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    Hey everyone,
    We are setting up a cinema club in Camden Palace Hotel
    ( and we’d like to show a short film
    before the feature of the evening. The films we intend to show would
    not be considered mainstream, as El Topo our first screening has
    demonstrated. So if you have a short that you consider weird and
    wonderful and might like it shown in CPH, post the link here or send us a copy dvd.
    Thanks in advance.


    Hey everyone,
    Just letting ye all know we are having a screening Thursday night at 8pm, come earlier as seats are limited. The nights feature is The Shout:

    Idyllic Devon locations. Hot, liquid afternoons; a game of cricket watched by ‘mad’ trees, the air punctuated by the cries of peacocks and a terrifying story of a man from the outback, who exercised the right to kill his children and who can kill anyone with the Terror Shout. A man (Alan Bates) who infiltrates the lives of a couple who live in a remote cottage by a rocky coast. A man who takes the wife (Susannah York) as his own property leaving the husband (John Hurt) utterly powerless, until he finds the man’s soul trapped in a pebble. The shout itself …truly disturbing. The ending brings both the story and the the cricket game together in spectacular fashion. At the close of play, you realize you’ve witnessed a straight horror story that is grounded in mundane reality.

    Should be a good one.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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