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    Hey everyone,
    Just wanted to let you know about our next screening, its on this thursday, 29th of April at 8:00pm. Its a film called De Noorderlingen (The Northerners) from Holland.

    Alex van Warmerdam’s award-winning second feature is set in a remote small
    Dutch village in the newly reclaimed Northlands in 1960. The village is
    actually just one street of a new village that was never completed, and the
    behavior of its inhabitants is invariably determined by their unsolved
    sexual problems, leading to a number of comic situations depicted in a
    tradition of absurdist black humor. The director himself plays a curious
    postman who can’t live without opening other people’s letters to read of the
    bizarre and intimate secrets of the eccentric inhabitants of the estate. A
    darkly amusing satire of Dutch village bourgeois conventions and repression
    executed with visual and dramatic flair. If its imagery, right down to its
    Freudian forest of libidinous fantasies, seems terribly obvious, its plot
    machinations are still fun to follow.

    The director and the actors, who play their roles broadly, obviously relish
    spoofing small-town life and its simmering pressures. There are moments when
    the film suggests Sherwood Anderson’s "Winesburg, Ohio," reinvented in the
    Netherlands of 1960 as a surreal sideshow of voyeurs, fetishists and

    The show the Belgian priests bring to the town is really an exhibition
    within an exhibition. For the overriding premise of the film is the notion
    of human nature and its quirks as something to be observed as though under
    glass. The attitude with which the director pulls the strings is as amused
    and prankish as Shakespeare’s Puck perched in a tree crowing, "Lord, what
    fools these mortals be."

    Hope to see you all there.



    thanks for that

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