CINE-CAFE ‘special’ on 14th February

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    Howard up in Dublin is holding a CINE-CAFE ‘Special’ to mark Valentines day by screening a slew of short films and music videos on the theme of ‘romance’ or ‘love’ or ‘infatuation’, or whatever.

    "If, as reported, people are starting to believe in moving statues again in the current climate then why not offer them moving pictures as an alternative for the new millennium? If only to show that the country has moved on from the 1980s in one respect at least, in that we now have at least the makings of a viable film community here now, rather than just that decade’s small handful of dedicated but isolated cineastes.

    We all need something to believe in right now, so why not honour this most romantic of our saints?"

    If anyone can offer any shorts that might suit the theme (even incidentally) please let him know.

    Suggestions are also requested from everyone as to what other filmmakers’ short films and/or music videos you know of that he should chase up for the occasion.

    "Better yet: why not make a short film or vid yourself to suit the St Valentine theme and bring it along on the night? "

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