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    This is a my 2nd year Multimedia end of year project.

    These videos are meant to be played on two screens at the same time hence the same music.

    "It takes its effect and
    Machines turn to lights.
    Self control fades as the
    Lights begin to guide.
    As it spreads the addiction
    Becomes the colours.
    Like a fly you move towards them,
    Captured in their beauty,
    Lost in their splendour.

    As it travels you travel,
    And the rays of colours close in.
    The brain stimulates them
    Into motion.
    The lights and colours begin to dance
    Until there is no more reality,
    Only a chemical dream."

    !!!Please watch in HD if you can!!!




    great use of colour, great editing and I love that track, who is it? sounds a bit like Psapp?

    Avatar photoSeanBreathnach

    Good stuff. I enjoyed that one.


    Cheers lads!

    It’s a U.S band I found through last FM called High Places, the song is called Stardust. They’re great! <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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