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    This is a general casting call for an upcoming short to be shot on High Def Video over the summer months. The following parts are yet to be cast. All successful applicants will receive a DVD copy of the completed film and my eternal gratitude! (& video services in return if I can). If interested, drop me an email at

    JOAN – 50 yrs old approx. Housewife and mother to the young heroine.
    WAITER – 20-30 yrs. old male
    WAITER 2 – 20-30 yrs. old male – Indian / Asian in appearance
    EXTRAS – all ages for restaurant scene, background action
    – 12 for jury scene (18+ yrs. old male & female)
    – background action in other scenes
    PHILIP – 25-35 yrs. old – Thief & Informer
    HOUSEWIFE – 40-50 yrs. old, non-speaking part
    PROFESSOR – 60-70 yrs old. Male
    FRANK (as a yound man) – 25 yrs. approx
    NURSE – 20-25 yrs. old female
    4 ART THIEVES – Males, 25-50 approx.
    5 DETECTIVES – Males 25 – 50 approx.
    POSTMAN – 30 yrs. old approx male
    PRISONER/SUSPECT – 40 yrs. old male
    CONSTRUCTION WORKER – 30 yrs. old male.
    SUSPECT – 30-40 yrs. old Heavy set

    Avatar photoSeanBreathnach

    If you need me for anything I’ll step in, no bother.


    fancy being an art thief bob?


    Hey, I wouldn’t turn down a role, if you thought i was suitable. Any part with a character who is; (a) Disabled mentally or physically (b) Gay (c) struggling with a disease? I’m really hoping for an oscar this year… :wink:


    if you want i can play a tall slim blonde, well i could try


    Postman Perhaps for me ?

    Only Kidding !!

    as always , whatever Help I can Give

    Avatar photoSeanBreathnach
    "inky":2b896 wrote:
    fancy being an art thief bob?[/quote:2b896]

    Cool! Could be fun. Do I get to keep my bootie?


    cheers lads. ill find something for ye all. i fancy dan as the construction worker who falls off the building. builders crack in widescreen – i love it!!
    im sure any of the ‘priceless art’ props i mangage to get will be crap anyway so work away bob . sound.
    rabies, maybe you could play the detective as a young man for a flashback scene, its a small part but this is really packed full of small parts.


    i know ya! its bobs fault – he was on about booty! ill have to watch my rep. ill get a stunt ass so.
    ps. ive sent on the powerpoint presentation they want for the DVD chapter.


    So I’m not getting the Postman ! <img loading=” title=”Sad” />

    :idea: Waiter maybe ?


    I know , can I be the producer ( he he he )


    have you a death wish? the jobs yours if you want it sean!
    gonna do reccies to mallow, midleton, bandon & macroom courthouses at the weekend + a warehouse in SouthRing west business park on Tramore Rd.
    Also looking for large paintings & sculptures, mixture of old dutch masters and modern stytles.
    The Dan O’Connell recipe for blood (TM) is also needed


    Would love to be an extra in the restaurant scene


    you got it doreen! cheers. Ill try and get some food for ye so.


    I’d love to get involved in any way too. :grin:


    Cheers Faye. You got a part too, maybe a jury member – Ill let ye know soon. All the old reliables – many thanks.

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