Canon DSLR 2-day seminar with Barry Donnellan

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    [b:qroxzofa]The Cork Film Centre is pleased to announce:[/b:qroxzofa]

    [b:qroxzofa]Canon DSLR Workshop with Lighting Cameraman Barry Donnellan[/b:qroxzofa]

    [b:qroxzofa]When: Sat 26th & Sun 27th May 10am – 4pm

    Where: The Cork Film Centre, Civic Trust House, 50 Pope’s Quay, Cork

    Cost: 125 euro Booking is essential. Call 087 791 1316 to book
    This two day workshop with international cameraman Barry Donnellan is aimed at people already shooting or interested in shooting with Canon DSLR’s. Barry will cover the basics as well as more advanced techniques. A practical lighting session will also be included on the Saturday while an opportunity to actually shoot with Barry will be incorporated into the Sunday session.

    DSLR cameras will be provided for participants to share, but you are encouraged to bring your own along if you already own one.

    [b:qroxzofa]Barry Donnellan – Lighting Cameraman / Director [/b:qroxzofa]

    Barry Donnellan is one of Ireland’s foremost cameramen who consistently works internationally.

    His work outside of Ireland includes shooting 3D for [b:qroxzofa]Sky 3D[/b:qroxzofa] and [b:qroxzofa]3net[/b:qroxzofa] on series such as [b:qroxzofa]Wonders[/b:qroxzofa] and [b:qroxzofa]Making the Brand[/b:qroxzofa]. For these he filmed modern wonders of the world such as the Hoover Dam, Carlsbad Caverns, London and Venice in glorious 3D.
    Other 3D work includes [b:qroxzofa]Secrets of the Rainforest[/b:qroxzofa] for [b:qroxzofa]The Smithsonian Institute[/b:qroxzofa] about the Panamanian Rainforest and the effects of climate change.

    He consistently works for the[b:qroxzofa] BBC, Channel 4[/b:qroxzofa] and [b:qroxzofa]National Geographic[/b:qroxzofa] and his credits include the [b:qroxzofa]BAFTA[/b:qroxzofa] award [b:qroxzofa]winning Inside Nature’s Giants – The Whale[/b:qroxzofa].

    At home, he is in constant demand to shoot multi-part series and documentaries for [b:qroxzofa]RTE, TG4 and TV3[/b:qroxzofa].

    His home credits include the high profile [b:qroxzofa]TV3[/b:qroxzofa] series on [b:qroxzofa]Marymount Hospice, The
    Enforcers, Creedon’s Retro Roadtrip[/b:qroxzofa], a marine series [b:qroxzofa]Out of the Blue for RTE, Ear to
    the Ground[/b:qroxzofa], a commercial for [b:qroxzofa]Reebok[/b:qroxzofa], several series of cookery programmes including
    [b:qroxzofa]Trish’s Mediterranean Kitchen[/b:qroxzofa] and [b:qroxzofa]The Business[/b:qroxzofa], a series fronted by George Lee.

    He has a huge interest in shooting with DSLR’s, having used them on several documentaries and is currently directing a TV documentary shot using [b:qroxzofa]Canon DSLR’s[/b:qroxzofa].

    Further info: [url:qroxzofa][/url:qroxzofa][b:qroxzofa][/b:qroxzofa]

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