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    Just out of interest, and out of a desire to get some good auld debate going:

    You got some cash for your brilliant 10 minute short film script. Do you film it on 35mm, 16mm, HDCam, HDV or miniDV?

    In other words, would you go for the full ‘film’ look, blowing your budget on 35mm/16mm – or would you spend your money on other things, like crane shots, lighting etc…?


    I would’nt shoot on miniDV . I’d at least shoot it on HD ( Maybe get it transfered on to 35mm at a later stage?),I’d use money for crane shots e.t.c. . Although it depends on a few things .


    I’d Like to try HDCam if I could afford it ,

    Some of my favorite TV shows and Movies ( cinematography wise) of the last few years have been
    HDCam shot .

    I Just like the sharpness detail and richness, I think it forces you to think more about the composition of the shot and in that way is improving the way
    cinematographers approach their film. So yeah for a ten minute short with a bit of money I’d try HDCAM

    That said I’d nearly push that decision to last when budgeting , Script the film , Work out what you want to do visually , cost that physically , then apply the cost of the format for capturing it . then see what impact changing the format up or down will have on all the other things .

    I suppose I’m trying to say make the best movie you can regardless of how you capture it . Rather than committing to a format in advance of the prep.


    i would agree in most part with sean there, i think that once you know what you are gonna shoot, ie what type of cranes, dolly etc that you might require to make the shot look great, you then can start to take into consideration what type of equipment to use. I would be partial to the HDCam myself, i think its the future, 35mm and 16mm while they are great, are an aging technology, the future is bright, the future is digital!

    its also worth noting, as adrian said above, it would work out cheapeer to do a 35mm transfer, taht way you can shoot piles of video tape without worrying about going over budget.

    Avatar photoSeanBreathnach

    I didn’t want to influence the debate by stating my own opinion first, and certainly it’s interesting to read the points everyone is making. I’d love to get a go filming on HDcam. Yet I agree with what ye are saying about it being further down the list of priorities in the event of securing funding.

    I was also looking at the equipment filmbase have, and they certainly have some nice stuff for hire. I would like to see what the Cork Film Centre have bought with the extra funding they achieved lately.


    Nice thread,
    personally for a planned project I’ll be using a Canon HD for the main shots and a few SD cams
    for fills and angles, SD cams (miniDV) are so cheap now you can mount them on microphone stands and just let them run on their own for a scene then edit the footage in After Effects to be mixed with the HD footage.
    A good Canon pro HD (XL series) costs about 2000 euros in New York these days.
    As stated above there is really no reason to use 35 or 16 mm anymore, they are just too dear
    to play with (try and get some 16mm footage processed and you’ll see what I mean).

    Then again there are HD cameras and there are HD cameras the HD format is still being
    developed, you want a frame rate of 60 for fast stuff but most of the cameras do this interlaced and not progressive.


    i like 16. some of the faster stocks are great looking. i think they picked it as the format in st johns to focus peoples’ mind on the end product, you’re less likely to roll when you can hear the euros fall away as the mag whirs.


    I’ve got a 16mm camera with 2 lenses you can buy cheap, a real collectors item
    and in the original box!!!
    If your interested I’ll post the details.


    sure thing. is it one of those russian krasnagooks or something? what lenses you got, 12,16, 20? primes?


    No, it’s American with a windup action, 10min reels.
    I put it away some time ago so I’ll have to dig for it.
    I’ll post the details as soon as I find it.


    cheers but dont go to any trouble on my behalf, just curious. couldnt afford it even if i wanted. sounds interesting though. might make a nice prop.

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