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    Hi all!

    We entered RTE storyland with this and were quite disappointed we didn’t get in as we’re really happy with it! So we decided we want to make it in the new year ourselves but we’ll need all the help we can. So we thought the good people at egomotion can help and get behind it if they like what they see…here is a synopsis and the first two scripts of our comedy…. <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />

    Bugbusters is an outrageous South Park meets Anchorman
    Sci-fi/Action/Comedy about a team of exterminators who have
    been hired to tackle a mutant fly pandemic which threatens
    mankind. A weapons raid gone wrong leads to the escape of a
    lethal and vicious Flyman (a part fly/part man phenomenon)
    who wastes no time finding its first kill. Victims of the
    Flyman quickly become Flymen themselves, and the Irish city
    of Cork is soon riddled with these monsters. With both the
    Gardai and Army curiously occupied, the Mayor of Cork
    reluctantly hires the Bugbusters (an incredibly extreme
    quartet of exterminators) to deal with the problem before
    the Flymen carry out their plan to seize control of the
    region’s entire supply of sugar. Armed with their gung-ho
    attitude, fantastic outfits and heavy artillery, the
    Bugbusters clamp down on the presence of Flymen in Cork.
    However, a failed attempt to capture the notorious fly
    leader ’the Flyking’ results in the Mayor taking them off
    the case, much to his delight. Down and despondent, the
    Bugbusters are soon reminded of their place in society and
    that what they do best is killing bugs. Now as renegade
    vigilantes, the Bugbusters hatch a plan to lure the Flyking
    in and finish him off once and for all.

    Character Bios:

    Mack: Leader of the Bugbusters, separated from his wife
    after the death of their son at the hands of a fly, a
    womaniser and heavy drinker. Must overcome his demons to
    avenge the death of his son, Mack 3.

    Andy: Second in command. Andy is the excitable member of the
    Bugbusters with seemingly no sense of common decency. He
    suffers from a severe sugar addiction which turns ugly once
    the Flymen control the sugar supply.

    Steve: West Cork native, not quite up to speed with city
    life, is in his late 20’s, still a virgin and is the butt of
    many jokes. But it’s love that Steve is looking for and in
    the Flyman’s wife he finds it, but the love, like Steve
    himself, is short-lived.

    Julio: A Mexican immigrant working as a Bugbuster, hoping
    not to be deported. Often the workhorse of the group.

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