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    Here’s a quick idea for a Michael Collin’s farce (along the lines of Monty Python/Carry-on) for the bekind-rewind competition. If anyone is interested in filming this over the weekend let me know. It won’t be a serious shoot, just a bit of fun! I’d be interested in opinion anyways.

    We open on Michael Collins – standing there at the rebel meeting with a sod of turf.
    "What’s this?" He asks.
    ‘It’s a sod of turf’ one rebel replies.
    The rebel gets a strong tap of the turf on his head.
    ‘It’s a weapon! A God damn super weapon.’ Michael says – cause he fucking knows this turf is a weapon. You can see it in his eyes, and hear it in his voice.

    Cut to a shot of someone walking and they are hit on the head by the sod of turf.

    Cut back to our rebel meeting, with Michael speaking once again.

    ‘We’ll take them with this boys! They’ll be out of our country in a jiffy!’

    Cut to a load of British Army guys with guns, running away from a group of Irish lads who are throwing sods of turf at them.

    Cut to everyone congratulating Michael on his great skills as they enjoy some drinks.
    ‘Michael, you’re a genius! They are all gone! We have peace at last!’

    Then Michael gets shot and falls to the ground.

    The rebel that was congratulating him says: "Who did that? Eh? Who bloody did that? If I get my hands on you…"


    So we’ll need turf, some British Army uniforms (or Union Jack flags and green shirts) and some appropriate locations.

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