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    This isn’t a review – more like a little gushing praise. I’ve just come out of the cinema after seeing this film, and holy jebus, it is incredible. The 3d is out of this world. Now I know what people are saying about the dialogue and the story, but I have to say the visuals are so amazing and groundbreaking that I didn’t even notice. I just really enjoyed it, and came out of the Gate beaming silliness. It’s just great. So do yourselves a favour and go see it – in the cinema and in 3d. :mrgreen:



    I have to say i too left the Gate with a big smile. The massive amount of work invovled in making it is there on the screen. I did think it was a little too long and maybe could have lost a few mintues or so here and there but i was a little tired that day so that could be m reason for that. I’m considerng seeing it again before it goes out cause it has to be seen in 3d on the big screen. That’s the only thing with films of this size is that they are more effective on the big screen they dont work so well on the small screen.


    Yes I too have been blessed with the spectacle of 3D Avatar, It is an amazingly beautiful film to look at, the story is well told although not thee most original plot-line (Dances with Wolves, A Man called Horse, Pocahontas to name a few), but still a welcome addition to the getting in with the enemy story.

    The 3D element is really quite astonishing as are the actual graphics themselves, In fact the Naa’vi people are so beautifully created that the real Humans lacked detail!

    I’m really looking forward to this new line up of 3D films made with Motion Capture, Its an exiting time in Cinema…

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