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    Cork City Gaol
    Sunday’s Well
    Haunted History Tour[/color:4b23d]

    The tour runs every Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 8pm.
    A[/color:4b23d]re you looking for a challenge.
    A[/color:4b23d]re you craving an artistic outlet.
    A[/color:4b23d]re you ready to brave the Gaol at night.
    B[/color:4b23d]e our guest or…
    B[/color:4b23d]e somebody who dares to
    B[/color:4b23d]ecome part of this courageous company.
    C[/color:4b23d]all 085-7335260.
    CALL[/color:4b23d] 085-7335260!
    CALL 085-7335260 NOW![/color:4b23d]
    Rehearsal time is unpaid work.
    Full-time performers will be paid.
    Amateur work is also available, this is unpaid.

    Red Sandstone Varied Productions [/color:4b23d]

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