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    The deadline is really soon..March 14th, but they do accept all types of stuff so I bet you could nearly throw something together over the course of a weekend. They accept dv live-action shorts among lots of other stuff and there’s no entry fee <img loading=” title=”Smile” /> You have to use some sort of digital process in the production and they seem to go for experimental stuff so, er, all the more reason why something you make quickly might just make it in.
    Here’s the link:


    just gonna post a 20 minute documentary off to darklight now that myself and dan made recently about an ex-pat and his adventures in Cork as a kid and his life in London during the 60s and 70s rubbing shoulders with gangsters and film stars. fingers crossed etc.


    Oh cool! Best of luck with that! It sounds very intriguing…


    From the Darklight website…

    The Call For Entries for the 2008 Darklight Festival is now closed – our expert viewing panels are currently locked in a cold, dark screening room, silently judging the hundreds of entries we received… 1,100 of them, in total. Many thanks to everyone who submitted a film for consideration to Darklight… You’re the lifeblood of our event. If you’re in, you’ll be hearing from us. If you’re not, please try again next year.

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    1,100! That’s a lot of films.

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    Anyone hear from these guys? It seems like they only tell you if you got in. How can they rob us of the joy of a PFO?!


    howrya bob..i hope the bottle of milky tea on the bogs is going down as well as the mighty sleán at its labour. sounds like a nice way to spend the weekend. the suns shining down here anyway! i got this from the darklight lads this sign of a finished programme yet but theres some interesting things happening especially no.2 below. check it out.

    Darklight 2008… The Countdown Begins!

    The Dates: Thursday 26 – Sunday 29 June 2008

    Hello! We’ve just put the Darklight programme to bed, and we’re
    pretty excited. The street date for the programme is the beginning of
    next week, around the same time the super-duper new Darklight website
    is ready to do… Don’t worry, you’ll be kept in the loop. In the
    meantime… Let’s give you another taster of some programme

    1. Darklight Guest Of Honour: Crispin Hellion Glover

    For more than two decades, actor, writer, filmmaker and all-round
    Renaissance Man Crispin Hellion Glover has been one of the most
    iconic presences in American cinema, collaborating with directors
    such as David Lynch, Jim Jarmusch, Oliver Stone, Milos Foreman and
    Robert Zemeckis and lending his considerable talents to an eclectic
    array of projects that cover every imaginable genre film has to
    offer, from indie classics such as River’s Edge to Hollywood
    blockbusters like Charlie’s Angels; whatever the project, Crispin
    Glover can always be depended upon to steal the show. In recent
    years, however, Glover has turned his attentions behind the camera,
    delivering the first two chapters of an intended trilogy of
    self-produced masterworks that confirm him as be one of the most
    unique voices in filmmaking today. Darklight welcomes Crispin Glover
    to Ireland as our Darklight 2008 Guest Of Honour, for a series of
    unmissable screenings and live performances at the Irish Film

    2. Dublin: The Movie (AKA The Darklight 4-Day Film Project)

    In a rare and potentially fatal feat of cinematic daring, Darklight
    will present a feature length film on the evening of June 29th the
    last day of this years festival shot entirely on June 26th the
    first day. The film will be an eclectic, multi-authored impression of
    Dublin (within the M50) as it lived, died, breathed, fucked, filled up
    and emptied, consumed, wept, was rained or shone on, grew bright and
    then darkened again … from 12.01am to 11.59pm on that day. Whatever
    is true, however big or tiny, static or dynamic, animate or inanimate,
    in this place, over this time is fair game. Darklight will

    be inviting a mixed and excellent bunch of artists narrative
    film-makers, documentarians, visual artists and the like to watch,
    meditate on, interfere with or otherwise interrogate material of
    their choice in whichever style makes sense to them. Each filmmaker
    will be required to deliver a finished piece, between three and five
    minutes long, to curator/supervising editor Lenny Abrahamson, who
    will then be free to use the films intact or cut them up, order them
    and reorder them, to produce, we hope, an original, intense and
    exciting film; a kind of Frankenstein archive of the city and the
    lives it contains on Thursday, June 26th 2008. What will emerge? Who
    knows. Whether its the life of a particular corner or a whole
    district, circuits of water or electricity, burials or births, or
    five continuous minutes in the presence of a single person, what is
    certain is that the Darklight 4-Day Film will be a unique event and
    one of the highlights of the festival.

    3. Focus On: Warp Pictures

    To coincide with the Irish release of their latest feature, A
    Complete History Of My Sexual Failures – which screens at the Irish
    Film Institute over the Darklight weekend we celebrate prolific UK
    production company Warp Pictures. We’re delighted to welcome regular
    Warp collaborator Paddy Considine to Dublin for a special
    Darklight/Screen Training Ireland Masterclass, and to introduce a
    screening of Shane Meadows’ modern masterpiece Dead Man’s Shoes,
    which he co-wrote and stars in. The screening also features

    Considine’s directorial debut Dog Altogether, a winner of the Best
    Short Film prize at the Venice Film Festival and the BAFTA Awards.
    Considered by many (Darklight included) as one the finest actors
    working today, Paddy Considine’s screen credits include A Room For
    Romeo Brass, My Summer Of Love, Hot Fuzz and The Bourne Ultimatum.
    Joining Paddy at Darklight ’08 is Barry Ryan, the Head Of Production
    of Warp’s new offshoot Warp X, who will be participating in a
    low-budget filmmaking symposium.

    4. FALL By Paddy Jolley

    Tedium breeds its own reverie. Here becomes like there becomes like
    could be anywhere. This forms a coincidence with the generic:
    Repetitions erode sense of place and make buildings seem less
    substantial. The logic of these displacements causes objects to be
    set adrift. Little houses sink and burn. Furniture smashes in an
    empty car park. A series of destructve actions, pathetic and
    momentarily cathartic.

    Darklight 2008 is delighted to host the World Premiere of artist and
    filmmaker Paddy Jolley’s latest film, Fall, at Meeting House Square,
    Temple Bar, on the Opening Night of this year’s Darklight Festival;
    Paddy will also be present for a retrospective screening of his
    previous work and a Public Interview with independent curator Aileen

    5. Tron

    An unmissable big-screen outing for the original CGI classic!
    Computer programmer Jeff Bridges hacks the mainframe of his evil
    ex-employer… And finds himself beamed inside the computer by a
    power-hungry master control program! Tron is a true cult sci-fi
    classic, a visionary work of considerable beauty, a true style icon
    and one of Darklight’s very favourite movies. The screening will be
    introduced by effects wizard and Oscar winner Ken Perlin, Professor
    Of Computer Science at New York University; Ken worked on Tron, and
    since then has been developing new computer graphics techniques
    widely used in the motion picture special effects industry. Ken will
    also be giving a workshop at Darklight ’08: don’t miss the
    opportunity to enjoy a rare audience with a true FX pioneer.

    But let’s not jump the gun here there are many more fabulous events
    to tell you about screenings, exhibitions, seminars, workshops and
    the odd happening… So watch this space! In the meantime, we just
    found 1973 French animated masterpiece Fantastic Planet (La Planete
    Sauvage) in its entirety on-line so we’re happy. For now.


    Chat Soon

    Team Darklight

    Darklight 2008: The Future Is Now

    Darklight Booking Information:


    Tickets for all screenings can be bought at the Irish Film Institute
    box office and Light

    House Cinema box office.


    Entrance to the entire symposium and workshop programme is EU50.
    Student/unwaged tickets are also available for EU20. Tickets can be
    purchased on line at or by sending a cheque to the
    Festival Office, 69 Dame St, Dublin 2 and at Film Base from 9.30

    Friday 27th June, pre booking is advisable. Individual tickets per
    event may be purchased at the door for E20 on a first come first
    serve basis.


    All master classes must be applied for through the Screen Training
    Ireland website .


    Digital Platforms and Distribution Seminar at Filmbase

    Friday 23rd May 2008 / Cost: ¬35

    Filmbase, in association with Wildwave, is pleased to announce that
    it will be holding a special seminar to introduce filmmakers to the
    world of digital filmmaking and multiplatform distribution. The
    purpose of this one-day session is to help extend the reach of
    filmmakers; either as a platform to get started in the world of
    filmmaking, or for existing and/or experienced filmakers to learn how
    to use new digital platforms to their best advantage either as an
    extension of a broadcast/cinematic film or as a separate platform for

    COST: ¬35

    DATE: Friday 23rd May 2008

    TIME: 10 am to 5 pm

    LOCATION: Filmbase, Curved St. Temple Bar

    To book a place for this seminar, contact Filmbase reception:

    01-6796716 or

    e-mail alessandro@filmbase
    < >
    < >


    Still films are looking for young aspiring film-makers/actors/young
    people (aged 11-18) who are interested in making their own TV shows.
    Still Films and Wildwave are making a new series for RTE Two
    SwededTV. Sweding is do it yourself filmmaking and the aim is to make
    your own cheap, funny versions of TV shows, using whatever you can get
    your hands on. Sweded TV will give you the chance to swede 3 popular
    TV shows and if you are lucky, your own version of these shows will
    be shown on TTV on RTE TWO and the Sweded TV website. We will provide
    the film crew.

    So if you always wanted to be on TV and you have a sense of humour,
    this is your opportunity to show off your many talents and have fun
    too. Interested? Please fill out the application form online
    or else post the application form to Still Films, 69 Dame Street,
    Dublin 2. Any queries, please email
    or ring 01-7071919. Our bebo page is –

    This is a competition, so we will pick the top contenders. The
    deadline for applications is 6pm on Monday, June 2nd. If successful,
    we will need you for 5 days, sometime between 23rd of June to 12th of

    Avatar photoSeanBreathnach

    Sound for that, Inky – there are some interesting things going on up there alright. I wonder is Glover giving any master classes?
    Well, I have bog tan anyways, and a fine sunburned neck. But it was worth it. It was a lovely day for filming. I had forgotten how much hard work the bog is though! In between filming I had a lot of helping out to do.
    But ’tis all captured on tape now anyways. I’m looking forward to editing this and seeing how it looks. I did the interview as Gaeilge, so the editing should be fun!
    I’ll keep ye posted!


    link to the finalised programme of films DARKLIGHT


    looks like we didn’t get in lads
    [quote:1aavgetc]Notification regarding the selection decisions will be issued by April 11th 2008. Due to the volume of entries to be considered, we are unfortunately unable to supply individual explanations for our decisions. Unsuccessful submissions will not be returned.

    If accepted for selection we will need a screening copy of your work on BETA or DV PAL by May 9th, 2007. We cannot guarantee to show work if it has not reached us by then. This exhibition copy will be returned after the festival at the organiser’s (Darklight) expense.[/quote:1aavgetc]

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    I don’t mind the lack of explaination, but I really wanted my pfo <img loading=” title=”Razz” />

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