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    Lads and Ladies

    Theres a fundraiser in Cork in Douglas on the Sat 6th Feb. Its to raise money for the childrens leukaemia ward Mercy hospital in Cork who do great work .
    Also as a way of kicking off the year for all of us as a get together for everyone and a bit of fun it would be great .

    The plan is this so far : 40s themed night , all uniforms , dress , military and civil , allowed , women can attire in 40s gear too , German , American , British , if you have it wear it , come in what you like , mad scientists , german villans , Churchill, Patton , its up to you ,

    Think Indiana Jones movie We will have 40s music and , colloect 10 euro a head for ticket ,have a draw or raffle for some spot prizes , if anyone can bring or donate an extra spot prize even beter and hopefully we will raise a good sum of money on the night

    We will have live music 40 style from 8.30 pm to 10 pm and a dj will then do a few hours of all the hits from those years , 10 til late

    Food will be served , at moment it will be Chicken Curry and Rice supper to all , so a great night looks in store .

    The venue is the South County Lounge and is a fine venue in Douglas , next to Douglas Woolen Mills . The owners are completely behind the gig and are going to provide the live music and food for us .

    tickets going to Colm Doyle and Emmet for those of you who wish to get them there , I have some and the South County will have them behind the bar with the owner Colum . 10 euro each only . Spots and Raffle rizes also on the night


    Dude I wanna go but I CANT!!!!
    Of all bloody nights!
    I have already promised to be somewhere else that particular night, any chance you could make it the 5th just for me?


    id love to dan but the band is booked and the dj for later is booked as well. the pub and the staff will also be done 40s style

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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