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    hey guys, i have a krasnogorsk wind up 16mm film camera but cant seem to get the film to fit in it have tried everywhere would anybody know where you can get reasonably priced 100ft reels of 16mm

    thanks oisin mac c


    hey, i also have a K3, but not tested it yet, but picked up some 100ft rolls of ebay a few weeks back

    quick search see here[/url:e5277] ok that in the US but if you keep and eye out it will pop up from the UK also.

    Super16 stock will also work in the camera but as standard.


    thanks for that did you test it yet i find that the reception is very close to high standard super 8 personally, while we’re talking about super 8 do you know of any where it can be got kind of lost faith wioth ebay( bought a reel of kodak black and white 100ft and sent off postal draft but alas no sign of film well it has only been three months)


    I heard ebay can be a bit flaky, not ebays fault but the people who make false promises, the con men!

    I havent run into a problm yet but some of those darn prices are waaay to good to be true you know?

    can’t really help with the film stock tho? sorry :cry:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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