Treatment & Shot List

Extreme Close Up: Tattoo artist’s hand draws ink onto an unidentifiable body part.
Close Up: Tattoo artist’s face concentrating, looking downwards.
Close Up: Biker’s face, wincing. Hum of the needle in the background. Biker farts violently – CUT TO
Mid/Wide Shot: Reveal- Biker lying face down propping himself up on his elbows, ass revealed, tattoo artist drawing on his ass.
Thought bubble appears " I need to leave this job"
Close Up: Artist’s eyes close in disgust at the smell.
I have some hilarious fart sound effects but i cant upload wav files.
Very simple.

Sean W – do any of your biker buds have an existing ass tattoo or one on a body part that could double as an ass in an extreme close up? I could probably find a sound effect for the needle so we dont have to mark anyone for life.