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When Richmond policemen Thomas Lloyd and Russell Stayton make perhaps the most minor arrest nowadays — trespassing, a one-hit drug bust, etc. — what they’re really looking for is a gun. The reason why, reports CBS News Correspondent Wyatt Andrews, can be an initiative called Project Exile. In the project, drug dealers and ex-cons caught having an illegal gun are prosecuted not in state court on the original arrest charge, but in federal court on the gun charge. Federal gun violations bring at the very least five years in prison, to be served out of state. Richmond police chief Jerry Oliver says Project Exile has netted 600 Uzis, AK’s, as well as other weapons, while also putting away a lot more than 500 of the most violent criminals in the city. “The impact statistically has become incredible,” Oliver explains. “We’ve gone coming from a city that led the country in per capita homicides in 1994 with a 160, to where we are right now with only about 40 with the year half gone.”The program works partly because of its name: Exile. On billboards and TV ads the word is out — an illegal gun not just puts you “away” as in time, but additionally as in cross-country. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jim Comey says it’s created a difference because, “They are so accustomed to being with their buddies, people they do know from the neighborhood at the Richmond jail, with the state facility. The notion of physical exile frightens these questions way we hadn’t anticipated.” The achievements Project Exile is having an impact about the national debate over gun control. It plays directly to the National Rifle Association’s argument that gun-related crime might be reduced by laws already about the books.Take alleged childcare shooter and ex-felon Buford Furrow as an example. The NRA says Project Exile may have put him away. “Exile could be the one program that would have hit that guy,” says Wayne La Pierre, in the NRA. “You had a felon with guns. If they had caught him, they can have put him inside the federal penitentiary for five to Decade.” There is some complaint in Richmond that federal courts mustn’t be enforcing local crimes, try not to tell that to officers Lloyd and Stayton. They see a program that’s reducing the guns at work while saving hundreds of lives. mulberry elgin The FBI says terrorists could use common household items to improvise chemical or biological weapons after which hide them in food.Using materials sold at stores, on the Internet or through mail-order firms, terrorists may make cyanide compounds, grow salmonella bacteria and botulinum toxin, or distill the poison ricin from castor beans, the FBI said Wednesday rolling around in its weekly bulletin.The memo, delivered to 18,000 state and local police officers agencies, said there is no specific threat or indication an attack is imminent. Nonetheless it detailed several past attacks using such weapons, including an Oregon cult’s contamination of local restaurant salad bars with salmonella bacteria that sickened 751 people in 1984.Yeast, infant formula, sugar, Epsom Salts, cheesecloth, blenders, masks and gloves are some of the items widely available that terrorists would use to set up a laboratory to make crude chemical and biological weapons, the bulletin said. Some can be found in grocery stories; others should be obtained from a medical supply house.An important tool is the agar plate, which is often used by scientists and doctors to grow cultures.”Large numbers of agar plates can be inoculated and harvested by somebody possessing minimal training,” the FBI bulletin says. “These agar plates could produce sufficient quantities of bacteria to sicken or kill many people.”Detection of these home-made labs is usually difficult because so many household products may be used in production, reports CBS News Correspondent Stephanie Lambidakis, along with the recipes are readily available on the Internet.The FBI yesterday warned that terrorists could make simple chemical and biological weapons with materials available nationwide. That bulletin noted the capture of al Qaeda operations chief Khalid Shaikh Mohammed provides fresh evidence of the terror network’s experiments basic weapons.”Little or no training is needed to assemble and deploy such a device due to its simplicity,” the FBI said then.Officials in the National Institutes of Health may also be worried about the threat from botulinum toxin, which occurs naturally.War with Iraq has underscored those fears due to past acknowledgment by President Saddam Hussein that Iraq had made 5,000 gallons with the toxin and loaded it onto bombs and missiles.Moreover, the Agriculture Department and Fda are urging the food industry to raise security because of the heightened probability of terrorist attack.
Even though an embarrassed Pentagon determined the eve of the Congressional hearing to no more use black berets purchased from China, House Business Committee Chairman Donald Manzullo said the issue reaches far beyond the berets. CBS News Correspondent Bob Fuss reports Manzullo complained the military keeps buying uniforms and also other clothing overseas, instead of from American companies “I offer an obligation to these small businesses which can be being impacted by the military’s refusal to check out procurement laws,” the Illinois Republican said.Those laws the military should give priority to American companies when it’s time to buy things — including black berets.Army Chief Of Staff General Erik Shineski, who may have already taken a lot of grief for ordering black berets for your Army, said he couldn’t know the plan was to buy them from China, but told Congress that now, they will not be bought there.”The Army Chief of Staff has determined that U.S. troops shall not wear berets produced in China or berets made with Chinese content,” Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said.”Therefore, I direct the Army and the Defense Logistics Agency to consider appropriate action to recall previously distributed berets and eliminate the stock,” he said in a statement.Taxpayers, obviously, already paid for them and today will have to pay to get new berets made — presumably in the U.S.A.The tale of the black beret started in October when Shinseki ordered that Army troops begin wearing black berets to enhance morale.The elite Army Rangers were stunned that they were to lose exclusive use of the black beret, the brand of their distinctive corps.After having a bitter five-month fight, the Army in March announced the reason is 3,000 Rangers would trade their exclusive black berets to get a tan model and the other 474,000 troops would soon begin wearing the black hats.Another 40,000 Army Airborne troops were to continue wearing their traditional maroon berets.(C)MMI Viacom Internet Services Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Reuters Limited caused this report cheap ugg bailey button boots This week at the famous Sotheby’s ah in New York, there’s a most glamorous garage sale.More than 700 pieces of Kennedy furniture, china and art from five different homes have been getting the auction block, reports CBS News correspondent Trish Regan on The Early Show . So far, the sale has had in more than $3.5 million, a lot of it going to charity.”It just went of hand and we can’t bid on it any longer,” laments attendee Eleanor Kistler. “I think they went 10-20 times higher than what’s within the book,” added Bob Kistler.Based on that auction book, Jackie’s monogramed napkins were expected to fetch $400-$600. Instead, they selected $7,000.One of John Kennedy’s many rocking chairs selected $96,000, 24 times the estimated value. As well as a painting of Caroline and John Jr., originally priced at $4,000, sold for $40,000.Also on the market — collections of records, books and magazines — even Jackie’s horse blankets.The auction is really a sneak peek into the private time of a famous family.Lisa Johnson traveled completely from Nashville for her opportunity to own a part of Camelot. “I’m sure my mother will likely be like, ‘You paid what ? Do you think you’re crazy?’ “Crazy enough to pay for over $4,000 for one of JFK’s books, which she says she’s already cherishing.The past Kennedy auction nine years ago sparked a feeding frenzy, attracting a record $34.5 million. Although this auction isn’t expected to reach that level, it does show that for many, even the mundane may be magical.
In a high-stakes battle over press freedom, two reporters face jail, possibly since Wednesday, for refusing to divulge their sources with a prosecutor investigating the Bush administration’s leak of a CIA officer’s identity.”Journalists are not eligible for promise complete confidentiality — no person in America is,” Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald told a judge.In court papers, Fitzgerald said the cause of Matthew Cooper of Time magazine and Judith Miller with the New York Times has waived confidentiality, giving the reporters permission to reveal where they got their information.The prosecutor would not identify the reporters’ source, nor did he specify perhaps the source of each reporter was exactly the same person.Before the hearing, a small rally was held in a park beside the courthouse to urge Congress to feed a federal shield law protecting reporters from having to disclose their confidential sources. The rally, organized through the Communications Workers of America, drew about three dozen people in Washington. Organizers said similar rallies were occurring in Cleveland, Denver, Minneapolis, Ny and Los Angeles.U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan held the reporters in civil contempt of court in October, rejecting their argument how the First Amendment shielded them from revealing their sources. Hogan was using a hearing on the matter Wednesday, after which he could order the reporters jailed.The reporters might choose to talk if they are sent to prison, the prosecutor said.Cooper and Miller seek home confinement, however that would make it easier for them to still defy a court order to testify, the prosecutor said.Cooper has said it is duplicative and unnecessary for him to testify because his employer, Time Inc., on Friday provided Fitzgerald records, notes and e-mail traffic from the company.”By Cooper’s own account, his source’s confidentiality has been mooted by the production of relevant documents by Time Inc.,” the prosecutor said, insisting that Cooper must still testify.Without elaboration, Fitzgerald said Miller’s source “has been identified and has waived confidentiality.”Miller’s attorney, Robert Bennett, said he hopes that period magazine’s disclosures “will eliminate the need for Judy’s testimony and also this crisis can be ended.” no previous page next 1/2 mulberry small bayswater Toy makers from around the world were in New york recently, showing off their blog at the industry’s annual display, the American International Toy Fair. CBS News Consumer Correspondent Herb Weisbaum toured the showrooms to find out what your kids will be clamoring just for this year. Toy makers are utilizing technology to amaze and amuse. They’ve determined all sorts of ways to bring things to life. Consider a doll that dances, a Tonka Truck just set with personality, and an interactive Yoda who shows you how to use the Force.Clearly, manufacturers are hoping high tech will be a hit with the kids.”Children today are surrounded by technology,” says Gary Serby of Hasbro. “They have fun with this. They understand it. They have a desire for it.”Thanks to microchip technology , the 2011 crop of toys is smarter than ever.Now Furby has a friend named Shelby. And Milo 2000 is often a $99 robot with artificial intelligence.Miracle Moves Baby is often a state-of-the-art animatronic doll designed to behave like a 6-month-old. Onboard sensors remind her when to grab her rattle then when to play peek-a-boo. And when it’s bedtime, you can just rock her to sleep! Quite a doll for less than $100. “Technology is being less and less expensive, so toys are able to do more and more without pushing the high cost up,” explains Chris Byrne from the Toy Report. In the market for a robot dog? You’re in luck, with there being a few from which to choose, including Poo Chi and Shadow, a luxurious toy with voice recognition. And if you’re willing to spend $100 on a robopup, you may get something even more sophisticated.Ever wonder what your drawings appear to be? Find out with Jammin’ Draw, a drafting board with a built-in music machine. When you press down on the paper, you hit some text.One more bit of news in the toy fair: There’s a change for Barbie. Mattel has given her a makeover for the new millennium. Jewel Girl Barbie bends with the waist, with no ugly seam. And he or she even gets a belly button.
62% ugg cardy A 7-day-old baby kidnapped from her home in Lubbock, Texas, Sunday afternoon continues to be reunited with her family, along with a woman is under arrest – suspected of snatching a baby after winning the family’s trust by pretending to be a nurse in medical scrubs.Priscilla Nicole Maldonado was delivered to University Medical Center at about 8 p.m., in which a hospital spokesman said she definitely seems to be fine but was kept overnight for observation.Police said the child was found alone in a car seat beneath a carport in 104-degree weather. It was not clear how long she had been outside before authorities arrived.”She’s doing good,” Erica Ysasaga, the baby’s mother, told CBS News’ The Early Show . Priscilla was sleeping in her arms as she spoke.Ysasaga told The first Show the past 24-hours were “exhausting, stressful, just wondering about my baby…and finally (there is) excitement.”Early Tuesday, police told the suspect “has made a full statement” to authorities, doesn’t have any relationship to the victim, and the incident remains under investigation.Lt. Roy Bassett said police rescued the kid after a caller from Amarillo suggested they make contact with a man in Lubbock. Police called the man and asked if his wife had recently were built with a baby. Bassett says the man replied which she had, but his answers had “obvious flaws.”Police say Stephanie Lynn Anderson Jones, 33, of Amarillo, Texas, is being held on charges of kidnapping and endangering the welfare of a child. CBS News Affiliate KLBK-TV quotes Bassett as saying that police are also looking at other “persons of curiosity.” Detectives have been questioning Stephanie Jones as well as her husband.Bassett says she closely matches the outline the baby’s family had provided with the woman who had visited them repeatedly in the hospital last week and disappeared using their daughter Sunday after mother and child choose to go home.Police Chief Claude Jones said the woman was taken into custody as she drove in the apartment complex. He said she led officers towards the baby.The abduction happened seven months as soon as the death of Ysasaga’s and Jesse Maldonado’s 2-month-old daughter, who reportedly choked to death while being burped in October. Bassett said late Monday that police eliminated foul play in the older baby’s death. Early Tuesday, police did not have any comment on the details of that case. no previous page next 1/2’s Christine Lagorio is reporting on the first post-Katrina Carnival in New Orleans. As the hours wound right down to Mardi Gras, spectators lined up four to five thick to watch the most decadent parade since Hurricane Katrina. The Krewe of Orpheus, founded by bayou native Harry Connick Jr., brought out all the annual stops to awe revelers: flaming torches, boldface-named riders, masked horsemen and big fiber optic-lit floats. But no quantity of pomp could fool seasoned revelers. Mardi Gras 2006 only resembles past carnivals on the surface. At its core, it is just a diminished, more solemn form of past Mardi Gras carnivals. “This year’s Mardi Gras can’t compare to what I have seen here five, 10 or 20 in the past,” Billy Carroll, a gardener from Atlanta who formerly lived in New Orleans, told CBS’s Christine Lagorio. “Usually, the parades are almost too rowdy to the point where you’re form of nervous. This year, it’s easy to walk around and people are so friendly. It’s a changed place.”Down the block, new New Orleans resident Greg Keefe waited for Orpheus’ floats to start parading past. “This is my first parade. Many of us don’t hang out at parades because there’s this type of great subculture here we take advantage of instead,” Keefe said.Keefe is one of hundreds of construction workers who “chased the storm” into Louisiana and Mississippi to find repair work in its aftermath. For Keefe, a short-term gig turned into a passion for an area he’d never visited before. Now he’s joined a prominent activist and minimize Ninth Ward rebuilding group, Mutual understanding, and is planning on sticking around.Isn’t living up during Mardi Gras a necessary purpose of being a New Orleanian? “I really don’t receive the beads. I mean, I have 30 pounds of beads. The thing is a gazillion on the street,” Keefe said.Nearly half a year after Katrina flooded almost all of the city and scattered more than two-thirds of its population, all eyes are on New Orleans as it puts on the top show it can muster. “I’m happy it’s going on at all, though this has to be more peaceful than I’m used to,” said annual Carnival visitor Troy Hotard of Baton Rouge.”Show me something!” Hotard screamed for the crowd on Bourbon Street, wanting to spice up the lackluster crowd moments later.He got no takers. no previous page next 1/2 mini uggs But Karras was lucky. She’s having only one baby. Doctors desire to see more stories like hers if in vitro becomes the grade of care.
Pilgrims in Bethlehem are lining up for the Christmas-day peek inside the tiny Church in the Nativity Saturday. The church is made on the site where tradition says Jesus was born. The town’s relaxed, joyous mood is continuing as Israeli and Palestinian forces remain vigilant from the threat of terrorism.Thousands of Christian pilgrims gathered in Bethlehem Friday for millennium Christmas festivities in Bethlehem, reports CBS News Correspondent Richard Roth.The senior Roman Catholic official within the Holy Land called for reconciliation among Muslims, Christians and Jews. Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah required unity in the new millennium and prayed to get a peace with a “just ending, for both Palestinians and Israelis.”Palestinian authorities had expected 60-thousand pilgrims to see Bethlehem over the holidays, but it appears terrorism fears kept many away. Nonetheless, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was among those attending midnight mass in Bethlehem. On the Vatican in Rome, Pope John Paul II celebrated Christmas Eve mass at St. Peter’s Basilica and delivered his annual Christmas blessing for that faithful gathered outside Saturday morning.Some 80,000 faithful of the many corner of the globe watched as Pope John Paul II unsealed the holy door of St. Peter’s Basilica, symbolically ushering the church’s one billion Catholics across the threshold and into the next millennium.The 79-year-old pope, wearing a blue, red and gold cape over his white vestments, pushed open the door, then knelt in prayer on the stone floor for several minutes during the ceremony.In his homily during the traditional midnight Mass that followed the ceremony, John Paul referred to as the birth of Jesus Christ “the truth which about this night the church would like to pass on to the third millennium.””And may every body who will come after us accept this truth, containing totally changed history,” John Paul said, speaking within a clear voice.Only 8,200 people can fit within the basilica, so four giant TV screens were create for the overflow. All 40,000 seats within the square were filled and countless amounts more stood out on the damp night to witness the millennium event.A universal TV hookup broadcast the ceremony live to 58 countries, including Cuba, for the people unable to come to Rome.This is actually the 22nd Christmas Eve Mass that Pope John Paul II has celebrated, reports CBS News Correspondent Lee Cowan, made a lot more special by the fact that he’s declared vid holy Jubilee year. Vatican officials say he’s going to lead his flock over the year-long celebrations, which could mean a hectic travel schedule, both here and abroad.The Pope has needed the faithful to mark the holy year start by making a pilgrimage. Some 30 million are hoped for to come to Rome over the course of 4 seasons; that’s more than six times the normal number who visit here.Back toSavor the time of year bailey button ugg boots uk Which, for many relief workers, doesn’t include sleeping. This number of EMS workers from upstate New York huddled across the TV for more news we have spent their 12-hour shift at ground zero.