Ready to Go – Almost


Hello All –

The film is cast and crewed for the most part

We are shooting some steadicam stuff with quinny on sunday and then the main shoot is on Tuesday – that’s when the actors get the chop! THERE WILL BE BLOOD and lots of it!

"hanman100":3ik6frem wrote:
Hi, I’m new to all this and have no experience but I can offer and help with moving stuff or anything else you need. I want to get on a few shoots and see how things work. As I’m self employed I can be free any time as long as I have a week or so notice.
Let me know when and where and I’ll be there[/quote:3ik6frem]

Hi Hanman – by all means you’re more than welcome to come along and be involved – however it will be a very small guerilla affair and we won’t be shooting for more than 6 hours – no lighting set-ups as we will be using just the natural available light as the location is out in the countryside in a forestry – so I’m just thinking it might not be worth your effort on this occasion.