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Hey John great to hear from you.

I’m beginning to feel like Youl Brenner in the magnificent seven as one by one people come forward.

So far I have two writers and a director, my self included, who are interested.
The plan for the moment is to collect as many names and details as I can because there is bound to a certain amount of drop off as we get close to actually putting something together.

Then I will arrange a get together where we can all talk about what it is we are looking to do and where we can go from there.

One of the lads is in the middle of a production and won’t be ready for another couple of weeks anyway.

As for location? The three so far are all in Dublin but don’t worry about that, we can arrange a meeting somewhere central. Ireland isn’t exactly the biggest country, so a bit of driving for something we are truly interested in doing shouldn’t be a problem. And if it is well then the interest wasn’t really there to begin with.

John, is you friend interested as well? If so get him to drop me a line too would you.

I see from your posting that you’re an actor and that you’ve written some comedy sketches? Great. Post some of the sketches here for me to have a look at would you or e-mail them to me.

If you have done anything on you-tube that I could get a look at that would be great. If you haven’t don’t worry about it.

All are welcome.

Send me an E-mail to and list what it is you want to do.

Talk to you soon.