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Really enjoyed the shoot today and Well done to everybody , the crowd were really great and everyone really pulled their weight , it was a real pleasure to see how well a shoot can go, and it’s always been good , but I can really see everything raising up a notch , without a hitch.

For those who didn’t make it along today, not to worry there’ll be more opportunities over the year to get in on a shoot,
So we’ll see you there

Again thanks to everyone who was there I really really enjoyed it


So tired Last Night , I forgot to mention the amazing help we had from the Staff at the Crane Lane , Felix really looked after us , and Many thatnks to Benni and Guillermo for greenlighting it in the first place. Justin the sound engineer went above the call of duty to come in on a Sunday and hook up the CD player for us. Really was great and we were well looked after.