Re: Moves to create a club


Ok ,
Apologies all for my laziness / business over the last few weeks , but I haven’t forgotten about this and I still want to Go ahead.

I’d like to Propose we have an initial meeting one evening 1st 2nd 3rd 4th or 5th of May.

If every one could check their Diaries and confirm availability around these dates I’ll go and get us a room in the City centre for an amenable time . Once we fix a date I’ll Mail everyone with the details and we can go and start the first ever official filmmakers Co-operative type club thing in Cork ……

The initial meeting would be to
Vote on the constitution / rules of the club
Vote on Officers of the Club
Set out an agenda for fundraising
Figure out the membership fee.

To make the thing fully official I think we should have a nominal membership fee ( 1€) that we all put in the Kitty on the night, and once we have an insurance policy ready to go ( hopefully within a month of forming the club ) we’ll have a better idea of annual membership. I think we might be able to start somewhere around the 50€ mark and see how it goes for the first year.