Re: Moves to create a club


Realistically , when we set up this site we had a good long discussion about whether or not to attempt to be National , and we decided that there was no point in spreading ourselves too thin. It’s hard enough to keep momentum at the best of times without claiming to be national and really just not doing anything for anyone outside of Cork . Hence a Geographic Focus , it does allow us to meet people and get them involved in shoots without anyone being too put out .

It may not be so apparent to a writer , but travelling is a major killer to an actor or crew member . Realistically is an actor going to travel at their own expense from Donegal down to Cork for rehearsals readings castings or shoots ?
Answer is 99% of the time no and the other 1% you really feel like shit when someone goes to the effort and then you have to say " sorry I haven’t got anything for you " Same goes vice versa.

For that reason we decided our focus would be the Cork region . It’s not exclusive or anything , just practical. That said there are members from around the country , ( it’s a good way to have contacts down here if you are travelling down for stuff ) A writer writes wherever they are and has a lot more flexibility in terms of how they communicate with a Director
or producer ( face time is still important , it just doesn’t have the same overhead as it would have with actors and crew ) I know I personally work with writers from outside the region. It’s harder but worth it in my opinion.

We are going to try and organise an AGM for this club idea . I’ll get on it as soon as a few things quieten Down , But I’m thinking now that maybe sometime between Patricks Day and Easter might be good
( maybe Holy Saturday )

How do people feel about that ?