Re: Moves to create a club

"Sean":2e04e wrote:
Well then , looks like we should have a good look at that and thrash it out at the first AGM. I’d like to keep it clear of Futureshorts though ,Futureshorts is Futureshorts, and it’s for short film lovers more so than Filmmakers. If were going to have Pitching sessions then maybe in a more suited atmosphere to that.[/quote:2e04e]

I agree any pitching should be kept well away from future shorts. What happens if I pitch this really cool film with loads of exciting stuff and explosions and what not. The audience loves it and think that would be a really cool film and I’d like to see that film. The film is voted if for by the majority. Then it turns out it would be really difficult to make this film.

The audience might not think about all the practicalities of filmmaking and plus what are they risking by selecting a certain film.

Also maybe I could tell a bunch of my mates to come along just to vote for my film.

And another thing. Who in their right mind would want to pitch a film in a bar to crowd of people? If there is to be pitching have it to members in a suitable location or to a select group…