Re: Moves to create a club


[quote:9ed38]Those that weren’t particularly interested in that project don’t really bother themselves with doing anything for it , writer gets annoyed and says "well I’m not working on anything for them " and it all falls apart .[/quote:9ed38]

i dont think this would happen i believe that people on the forum are mad to get movies made and it may even encourage others who are afraid to pitch their idea or even post it to gets together with a producer director and thus a creative partner ship is born. i also believe you miss took me on the whole funding idea sorry if i gave that impression what i was trying to get across was that the resources are in place to start making some fantastic films from word go but we need to be selective in the sense that everyone here has a few projects on the go at the same time and if we could direct that energy into making two or three great films a year it is not a bad start. i know not every one will agree with every selection but i think that people on this forum just wanna be involved in the film making process in anyway possible.

but like i said there are obvious holes in this plan that need to be sealed. the reason i posted it was because i looked around at some posts and saw that there are a few people ready to go into production on their piece and are asking for help.

even if they just pitch their idea at a future short screening some people don’t have access to all the scripts posted here so maybe we could do it that way to start with. plus like i said it would be invaluable experience to any one who has a script shortlisted for a grant or to be produced or something like that and also it might breed some creative patnerships.

are there any others here who feel a pitching session might benefit them in some way? for some it could just be for advice?