Re: Moves to create a club


I don’t think we’ll be going that particular route , for two reasons
1 , the club isn’t really going to be a funding body , and participation is always optional . if we start having votes on whose going to get what and when , it begins to get political , and it should never really be that way . That’s how I feel anyway.
2. There isn’t really the money or resources available to tackle things in that way at the moment , Not saying that that arrangement wouldn’t be possible in the future ( depending on how things go ) but really right now it would run a little like this.
Every one gets in a room , pitches are done , some project gets voted in for this month , Those that weren’t particularly interested in that project don’t really bother themselves with doing anything for it , writer gets annoyed and says "well I’m not working on anything for them " and it all falls apart .

Practically I think that’s how it would work . However if we provide the basics . ( insurance is in place , some basic equipment is available, advice is on tap , and a focal point is there to get likeminded people on board and the reputation of the club is built up to make it easier to access outside resources . ) well then I think there is no limits on how well it can grow . Each member will get out what they put in , if not more , and the whole thing can grow organically, without restricting itself to certain roles , as a funding body does ,

But like everything it is possible , as these kinds of things are what should be brought up at an AGM and voted on by the club membership . One possibility is if one member wanted to really push an idea like that then if they could secure sponsorship , they could run the script contest once a month and provide the award to fund that script. That indeed could be a committee role .