Re: Flashmob!!!

Eoin O hA

Here’s what we’ve got then;

Fitzgeralds men’s clothes shop. Contact Tom or Edddie, the managers in there. I suggest Aidrian goes there as I believe Micheal is photographing from there too.

Debenhams. Contact Brenda, the manager. We’ve got an upstairs window so should be good, but I believe the windows are boarded off by the upstairs shops so the cameraman needs to get there early. I’d say quarter past/half past 12 as I’d expect some confusion/delays given the size of the building and the amount of different shops in there.

Quills. Contact John O’Dwyer.

Modern. Contact Mr. Ross.

Gentelmen’s Quarters. Contact Denis Staunton.

Victoria Hotel are trying to accomodate us, but their rooms are booked up and there’s a kids party in their conference room. They said to call in and see if the kids party would be ok with us filming out of one of the windows. There is also a slight chance that a guest won’t have checked in yet. There are fantastic angles from the conference room windows so I think it’s worth chasing up. Ursula working on the desk will help us if she can. Chris will help to section off an area if the party are OK with us going in. We’d probably need more than the cameraman to go along there to keep the kids away from the equipment.

Still waiting to hear about Dunnes and Pennys. They have great windows so it would be nice.

I’m gonna try and get around to all the spots to confirm everything is sorted before the performance. My phone will be on if there’s any real problem anyway.

Who wants where? We still need the brave soul to film in amongst the crowd too.