Re: Flashmob!!!

Eoin O hA

Great Dan!

From rehearsals to performance there isn’t going to be a break tomorrow as it’s been decided that keeping everyone together is the best way to go.

That means I won’t be very available after half 10 tomorrow morning. I’ll be in at the Savoy by 10 the latest as I suspect there’ll be a lot of organisation required.

We can either decide who’s going where here or meet at 10 ish in the morning?

So far we have Quills, Moderne, Gentleman’s Quarters, and 90% confirmed Dunnes.

I’m looking for more today as I think the high angle and long shots will look amazing.

As this is Ireland I am assuming that it will be lashing tomorrow so whoever has a camera that can survive that might volunteer to get in amongst the crowd and get some footage there.

I also think that a camera on either end of Patrick’s street could be effective.

People will be arriving on Patrick’s Street from either end of Patrick’s Street, Academy St, Opera Lane, Dunnes Lane, Cook St, Robert St, and Winthrop St.

Any other suggestions for where to film from are most welcome.