Re: doritos comp.


Slight twist on this for you Oisin,

How’s about splitscreen / intercut , same room two party’s one modern one old days, Both parties are a slightly dull affair with little conversation until the Host bring out the Doritos , ( in Both times ) and both parties kick off ,

Host turns to camera and he’s a "dorian grey" type ( perhaps his portrait is on the wall behind) and Says , It’s always the best way to start the party

If it makes sense , he’s straddling both times ( Not sure what’s the best way to edit between the two times , but what you want is some sense like "sliding doors" or , that lame sandra bullock keanu reeves one ( that I didn’t see but I’m sure they used some device )

You could also make him a Vampire , but I like the Dorian Grey better.

Whatcha think ?