Re: doritos comp.


just had another idea for this as i walked to work:

we do a sin city effort we split the 29 seconds between three or four directors all centered around the same idea and then put it all together in the end. it would be fun if nothing else.

the idea i had would be to use "classic films" and replace the main charachter with a dorito or bag of doritos e.g tony montana in scarface is fighting the lads at the end and he screams say hello to my little friend and pulls out a bag of doritos from his inside jacket pocket and offers the other lads a crisp. Battleship potempkin the steps scene would be easy enough to recreate we just substitute the baby in the pram for a bag of doritos and leave it roll down some steps then every stops the revolution and tries to save the pram full of doritos. i mean there is a 101 different examples i could give

The tag line i have in my head is "doritos the classic snack"

anyway what do people think the multiple directors thing would be a challenge and i think it would be slightly easier to do than my original, ambitious idea.