Re: doritos comp.


I reckon the best way to do this would be to put a large framed green rectangle on a wall – but just above a dresser in a living room. There’s a party going on in the room and there is a bowl of Doritos on the dresser – the camera never leaves the dresser – there are flashing coloured lights and music and people keep passing by taking doritos from the bowl

meanwhile shoot the scene in the picture separately and put it in over the green

get one person in the picture to get everybody elses attention (in the picture) and they all come right out to the foreground and start staring at the doritos – they all reach their hands out towards the doritos

cut to the scene in the picture – actually shot from as if we are in the picture and the actors pull a large bowl from offscreen into the shot (side-profile)

cut to the outside world and the bowl is now in the picture

cut to the picture world and everybody in the picture is holding one large dorito between them – all taking a bite from a different side.

whatya reckon?

I’ll help out as much as i can if you decide to do this – but I am fairly busy – so not sure how much I’ll be able to do