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"davidcgordon":1dahurzb wrote:
Hello everyone,

Any other DSLR users out there interested in establishing a users group?
Cameras like Canon’s 5D and 7D are amazing and what’s equally amazing is the minefield of dos & don’ts associated with them. So until Philip Bloom marries my sister I want to meet, work and trade experiences of these cameras with other filmmakers in Cork.

What I hope for with the users group is:
A dedicated online forum where anyone can field questions about DSLR filmmaking. Where users can post reviews of kit and discuss pros and cons, workarounds and fantasy firmware updates.
Establish a regular face to face meeting in one of our fine city’s caf├ęs, libraries or whatevers for any interested members of the group.
If everything works out we could even:
Test gear and kit as a group or pool resources for shoots.

I’m not promising to lend my 7D to anyone or expecting a loan of some zacuto stuff off a stranger but if the group is established successfully, there’s no time-wasters, stalker/loner types and an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect is fostered then there is potential for cutting through some of the jungle that is DSLR filmmaking and wouldn’t it be cool to see some of the kit that other people may have before you rush out and buy stuff from

I look forward to hearing from anyone out there interested.[/quote:1dahurzb]

Very nice post……..

I am agree with you Cameras like Canon’s 5D and 7D are amazing. It is a good place to share your views on cork DSLR film making group. It made me strong and easier to get this valuable information

Thanks .