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Hey thanks a million lads! The camera we used was the Sony HVR-Z1U HDV Camcorder, fantastic camera! Thanks for the advise Pados, I will look to do that in future. The previews been up online now two weeks now so there isn’t much point in changing it now. But cheers!

Hey Rabies! (never thought I’d have to say that, glad it’s you and not the disease itself).

I just finished watching "The Curse Of The Diamond Crystal". In fairness for improvisation it was quality, really well acted and the timing of the punchlines was spot on!

"Aim for his fallopian tube", best line…haha!!

You have our style of comedy nailed so I’d love to have you on board.

Borro is going to be a series if you wanna get involved with that. We’ve the first episode written and we are re-working it tonight.

What’s your msn add or your email?