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[b:3s0mxy3h]Bill, For Short[/b:3s0mxy3h]: Nationwide came down and spent the day. They interviewed me, my brother (Who’s in the film) and my mother, who’s father the film is about. We took a tour of the town and the locations of the film. Was a fun day. I think it should cut together to a nice report, I’m looking forward to seeing it. I don’t know a date yet, apparently they have to wait for a themed piece.

[b:3s0mxy3h]Sl├ín agus Beannacht[/b:3s0mxy3h]: I’m 8 days a way from shooting. Most things have fallen into place and I’m happy about those! The few things that haven’t are worrisome. I don’t have enough cash for one! Will have to figure something out there, and quick! I still haven’t cast the old lady, who has three significant scenes, no word back from anyone I’ve emailed, so it’s looking like I may have to do a re-write, I was hoping I would have to, but I think I can make it work. I’m also without a make-up artist at the moment, thought I had one, but alas no, other commitments returned. I think we’ll be OK. Some creative thinking is needed is all – apparently that’s my job!

[b:3s0mxy3h]140[/b:3s0mxy3h]: Is on hold, due to the above project. We’re at 51 filmmakers, which is good. But after the above shoot I will get back on track. Should only be 3 or 4 weeks before we get moving again.