OK….. I know you were all expecting a break since I sent t

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the last script/post….. well oops…..[/size:c2818]….. Just got talking to some guy on chat from college…. and well just said I’d do a little more… and now it’s only 2:45 so what am I going to do now….. Oh it’s okay he went to bed ages ago….. I could ramble on forever…. promise – not even a pint…[/color:c2818]

P.S. I know that it says 20 secs and last one could be tough(maybe-to get in there)… I think.??….????,,….,,,..

Constructive and destructive criticism MORE THAN WELCOME…… (That basically a cry for attention – nothing even mildly subtle about it)

P.P.S. Could someone add to the collabrative script…… I’m running out of places to write….. Mightn’t be back for a while….. you know how it is in the rest of the world BLOODY writers….. well, its the same in Cork it appears except obvious bloody is preceded by multiply "fuckings" and buckets of spit

The man/ farmer (from last advert) in his tractor cabin and there’s a gale outside as rain lashes the tractor cab… Shot inside of wipers going full belt… Shot of farmer struggling to open the door as he braves the elements… Shot of wellingtons on the steps as he hops to the mucky ground…. close up on his face (scrunched up)… as he heads to a gate and unties it… Shot of farmer as he drives out of the/a field and takes the corner on to the road… => Different set => Camera leaves the T.V. And the weatherman in the last advertisement entry is just saying his fair wells. Cuts in on “So”.
Weatherman: Sooooo, please drive carefully and beware of flooding. Have a good night!”
Man: I’m sure it takes him ages to prepare each time he goes on air, but I dunno how he sticks the same thing over and over…
=> As man turns his head back to T.V. The sound of the news just finishing and the contented face of farmer warm and snug, as a low sound of rain is heard in the background. Same slogan as above scrolls across the screen:
“Different people love different jobs.
The difference is opportunities.
The difference is http://www.Jobs.ie

I don’t know but maybe we could tie the slogan in with Inky’s idea as well…. It would be a huge twist?????? Maybe who ever play’s your biker could be the farmer…. Make for a real Irish home grown biker :shock: …… Wot say you Inky……..