Hey, thought I’d update (apr 09)


So mostly Iv only worked in theatre but if anyone would like to take a chance on a wee film amateur please do: http://www.nextcat.com/Marie

Age: 25
Height: 5’1”
Build: Petite and curvy
Hair: Long Brown
Eyes: Green
Playing Ages: 16-28
Accents: Varied Irish, Australian, Welsh, Cockney, Liverpool,
French, Standard American, Southern American.

(Mar) Suicide Notes – Mena – Cyclone – The Stack Theatre – Peadar Donohoe
(Feb) Love is…Shakespeare – Juliet, Lady Macbeth – The Stack Theatre – Peadar Donohoe
(Jan)Occasions Themed Event – Squaw, Salon hooker – Radisson SAS – Neil Pearson
(Oct,Nov) The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon – Numerous – George Hanover
(Oct) Suicide Notes – Mena – Peadar Donohoe
(Sep) Cork Acts Out – The Childrens Hour (Martha)
(Jul) Marriage by the Book – Josephine – Lindsey Crean
(Jun,Jul) The Hairy Ape – Snob – Pat McKeirnan
(May,Jun)The Children of Lir – Finnula- Laura Daly
(Nov) Suicide Note – Mena- Peadar Donohoe
(Mar,Apr,May) Haunted History Tour – Woman in Court/Mary Murphy – Yvonne Coughlan
(May–Oct)Medieval Banquets – Numerous Parts – Stella Walsh
(Dec)Babes in the Woods – Maid Marion – Jamie Monagan
(May) Our Country’s Good – Numerous parts – Marion Wyatt
(May) Female Transport – Marion Wyatt
(Apr) Life Long Learning(film)– Speaker – Padraig Trehy
(Apr) Kings of Cork(film) – Groupie – Padraig Trehy
(Mar) For Good(film)– Jo – Conner Crowley
(Feb) A Day in the Life(film) – Sam – Brian Twomey.
2004(Dec) Works of Patrick Kavanagh – Numerous – Tim Murphy
(Oct – Dec) Princess (Character Work) – Action Entertainment
(Jun–Oct) Anything but the Sound of Music – Octapussy – Declan Wolfe
(Apr) Anything but the Sound of Music – Numerous – Declan Wolfe

Additional Training/Skills
L.A.M.D.A Gold Medal in Acting
Diploma in Theatre Performance
Diploma in Dance Performance
Diploma in Theatre Production and Design
Diploma in Skin Treatment
Qualified Make-up Artist
I.S.T.D. Anatomy and Physiology Examination
Horse Riding
Qualified Hair Colour Technician
Trained in Child Protection
Qualified Youth Leader
I.S.T.D. (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance) Modern Dance Examination