Good Hair Day


Name: John Roche


Interests: Art (digital, traditional), sport (mainly soccer), film (watching), Reading (Robert Jordan, George R.R. Martin), Comics (Frank Miller)

Experience: A few speech and drama classes eons ago and an acting class about five years ago

Characteristics: 6ft 1, brown (chestnut :lol: ) hair, slender athletic build

After watching movies (and cause I’ve watched so bleedin many it’s amazing I don’t have glasses) I feel that the best way to act is to act normal/ put as much of yourself into the role as possible… I’m not saying I have the charisma of such actors as Sean Connery or Clint Eastwood, but to watch their films there is always a certain (I believe "a large") measure of the same person in every character they play… Personally, I believe acting is like telling a lie, and the best way to tell a lie is to put as much truth into it as possible to disguise the truth from the lie.. This is what I see happening when I watch actors (good actors) struting their stuff…. Personally, I believe on a good day I could convince God that a lie is truth or the truth a lie…. [/color:8d9ec]